„Environment” (2006)

Action is a continuation of Roch Forowicz’s „Invigilate” project (2005). It’s a networked space in which every member of the project is able to connect with every other member via video, phone and/or e-mail. „environment” is open to everyone though Forowicz has specifically invited residents of the apartment complexes surveilled in his „Invigilate” project.

I hope this space will be much more friendly for them to dialogue. Goal of this action is to create a natural, organic and free from propaganda space of the information exchange. Also, It’s some kind of game, where people could share theirs private space.

„environment” grew out of Forowicz’s perceived „failure” of the earlier project „Invigilate” — a form of art activity performed in a public space.
„Invigilate” addressed the ever increasing lack of privacy in society, and questioned relationships between people sharing the same space, both social and political. Forowicz recorded people going about their lives in their apartments; he then posted the videos on the Internet and made his email address available to viewers. Forowicz also posted flyers about his activities in each of the apartment complexes; they displayed the Invigilate web site address as well as pictures of the surveilled apartments.
Forowicz’s goal was to provoke a dialogue about performed surveillance and the invasion of his subjects’ privacy. Unfortunately, nobody responded at first; later he received a few emails from people who didn’t understand his actions at all. Forowicz concluded that he needed to encourage people to engage in a dialogue. „environment” is the outcome.

Acknowledgements to Piotr Welk