„Interception IV” (2011)

Project consisted in the interception of a police CCTV camera monitoring the streets of London. The camera was then used to raise public awareness in terms of the growing importance of social surveillance carried out by means of technological devices – „Surveillance Culture”.
The illegally seized CCTV camera became part of an interactive installation. It was re-installed, this time in a gallery. The picture registered by the camera is subject to real-time processing through modification of the face recognition software. The software masks the human face to render identification of persons entering the gallery room impossible. The gallery should be lighted solely with infrared light (which is invisible for a human eye but detectable by CCTV cameras). Discreet light, in a spectrum visible for a human being, would be the only effect displayed with regard to the picture registered by the camera and to the gentle spot lighting of the camera itself. During the exhibition the camera would be suspended on thin steel lines in the central part of the room.

The action was illegal.