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„Looking out of the window” (2006)

What can you see when you are looking out of the window?
Now you can watch online a new brave and provocative drama series.
Every month came up a new video.
Every video is recorded from the same window at Roch Forowicz?s flat in Warsaw.
„This is not about crime and this is not about love, this is just about the environment where I live.”

The ?Looking out of the window? project describes the daily environment of the place where I live. I have lived in the same flat my whole life which means I know this environment very well and I have an understanding of this environment. Every part of this project has been recorded out of the same window of my flat. Each part of this series was published monthly on the Internet. Each part describes a different story about the different kinds of problems in my surroundings which I observe in my daily life.

People who share this environment with me usually escape from problems by watching TV. These people especially like to escape by watching commercial drama series which are strongly influenced by human psychology. The „Looking out of the window” project was completed in 2006 and it wants to remind us that „real dramas” are happening in real life; outside of the window. The posters have been set up in public spaces after the recording was completed. The function of the posters was to attract attention to the project?s website.